Wildflowers: Some unexpected joys lately

I hardly aim for this to be a lifestyle blog; I’m not one for putting my life on the internet, but due to holiday-brain, I thought I’d take a break from writing about social issues and embrace the small things in my life. Inspired, as ever, by Morgan Harper Nichols (I promise this blog isn’t just going to become a fan account. Although maybe…). Anyway, I guess these holidays I’ve tried to, as she so aptly puts it, “make time for the wildflowers.”


Morgan Harper Nichols

As much as term 2 made me want to hop on a plane and escape (for about six months), travel wasn’t an option for me these holidays, so while I live vicariously through my friends’ photos of travels in places such as Ireland, Canada and Singapore, I’ve been attempting to make the most of my “staycation.” In the spirit of wildflowers, here is a list of some of the unexpected joys that have shown up in ordinary places for me lately:

  1. Anne with an E on Netflix- took me a while to get into this but I ended up loving it.
  2. Finally exploring places closer to me, plus old favourites such as Fremantle.
  3. Cool optometrist sales assistants who support your choice of new frames. 
  4. Walking by the river- actually this isn’t unexpected for me, but look at it.


  1. A giant lego orca at my local shopping centre reminding me of my class’s upcoming study of Blackfish, and by extension how much better term 3 is than term 2.
  2. A second season of Off Menu podcast- my go to road trip podcast, just in time for a drive to Albany.
  3. And related, an upcoming week in Albany.
  4. Spotify Premium- super late to the game here but I finally coughed up for this and it saved my sanity at the end of term while waiting in the car for 40 minutes in between work experience visits, and is now helping me be productive at home.
  5. Reading time- I’ve just started The Tattooist of Auschwitz– I was actually going to put this one off having just taught a number of texts related to World War Two, which can get a bit heavy after a while, but it’s been recommended by every second person and I’m enjoying it so far.
  6. Plant shops- I think I might be ready to commit to an indoor plant (I say while the plants in the courtyard barely survive.) Partly because Instagram makes them look so fancy, partly because I accidentally bought a huge coffee table from Gumtree and need something to decorate it.

Photo taken at the Little Leaf Co.

Hope you find a few wildflowers this week.

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