A re-introduction

Hi again,

After an extended absence while I completed my education diploma and started teaching, I finally made it back to blogging, with a rename and new design thrown in (because I realised the original name sounded like my name was Hope and I was calling myself plain; also, I got time to Google how to design a blog title). This blog will still be about good news and interesting stories, but with more time to focus on a plan behind the scenes, I hope to be more cohesive and, ahem, actually post regularly.

Whether you’re a brand new reader or began reading when I first started this blog, I hope you enjoy Hi Light- a blog that will highlight (see what I did there) positive stories, whether they are in response to a news article or a story you might not have heard before. It’s my way of using my love of writing to shine a light on certain topics, and hopefully reveal some of the good things happening in this world.

Please follow along; I hope you enjoy reading.

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