Welcome to my new blog. This is a place to read about good news stories, and see the way media can make a positive difference to people and communities.

If you have read my work before and that sounds vaguely familiar, I did start writing along those lines here. I will still keep that blog going, so you can read it if you’re interested, but as that was a couple of years ago and a lot has changed since then, I thought a fresh start would be good.

While my background had been in journalism and researching the impact of media on body image, working in not-for-profit communications over the last year and half has shown me how important the media is in sharing information about every aspect of our lives, and how many projects and individuals there are with important stories to tell.

Plus, as much as I am interested in the news, my favourite articles to read are always the ones about how someone is doing something, no matter how small, to make the world a better place, whether they’ve won a peace prize or are fundraising for a neighbourhood event. That’s why I have called this Plain Hope- it is hope for a better world that moves people to make changes and I hope to see more information out there about good and important things, through sharing other people’s stories and writing my own.

Check back here often if you would like to see a little piece of the internet that cares about more than the latest gossip or piece of criticism and want to read about good things happening around the world and in communities, as well as some reviews and other lighthearted things.


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